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It would be our pleasure to supply a Rental Harley-Davidson® to you.  If you are interested in Renting a Harley-Davidson® please contact us for your special rate.  The rental cost includes comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Please note in the Terms and Conditions we require a $3,000 security bond - which is a pre-authorisation only held on a credit card. We look forward to hearing from you.



Get in Touch. FILL IN THE FORM BELOW and we will get back to you as soon as possible:






Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rental Operator?
Yes, we are a Harley-Davdison® Authorised Rental Operator and Authorsied Harley-Davidson Dealer.

What Age do I have to be to Rent a Motorcycle?
You must be 25 years or older.

What Type of Licence must I have to be able to Rent a Motorcycle?
You must have a Full Motorcycle Licence.

What Kind of Insurance is Included?
Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance is included in the Daily Rate.  This Policy Covers the Rental of the Motorcycle and any other vehicle and/or property that is involved in the accident.

Do I Need to Wear a Helmet?
All Motorcyclists and pillions riding in New Zealand must wear a Safety Appoved Helmet that complies with New Zealand Standards.  The fine for not wearing a Safety Approved Helmet will attract a Fine of NZD $150.

NZ Transport Agency have listed the following Approved International Standards: 
1.  UN/ECE Regulation No. 22: Protective helmets & their visors for drivers & passengers of motorcycles (Europe) 
2.  Australian Standard AS 1698: Protective helmets for vehicle users 
3.  New Zealand Standard NZS 5430: Protective helmets for vehicle users 
4.  Snell Memorial Foundation: Helmet Standard for use in motorcycling 
5.  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218: Motorcycle helmets 
6.  British Standard BS 6658: Specification for protective helmets for vehicle users (for type A helmets only) 
7.  Japan Industrial Standard T8133.
8.  The above Information was obtained from the NZ Transport Agency website and Road and Sport do not guarantee the accuracy.

Do you offer Personal, Property and/or Accident Insurance?
No, all personal, property and/or accident insurance is the responsibility of the person renting the motorcycle.  Vehicle Insurance Only is included in the rental price.

Do you have Storage Facilities?
Yes, there is storage facillities at the dealership for any luggage not required on the trip.

How do I get from Auckland International Airport to Hamilton?
Road and Sport Harley-Davidson® offer a complimentary pick-up from Auckland International Airport to Hamilton for a three or more day hire.  We will also return you to Auckland International Airport for your departure upon the return of the rental motorcycle.

What Hours is the Dealership Open?
The Dealership Hours are 8am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm Saturday, After Hours by Appointment.

Can I Rent a Bike for Part of a Day?
Yes, but the Minimum Rate is One Day (eg. 9am - 4pm)

Do I have to be a HOG Member to Rent with Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rentals?
No, you do not have to be a HOG Member.

Is this the Same as the HOG Fly & Ride Motorcycle Rental Program?
No, Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rentals is a Rental Program open to all qualified motorcyclists.  Hog Fly & Ride is a different program only available to HOG Members.